Pictures from my recent travel to the Faroe Islands.

Happy new year! Little picture from Snæfellsjökull, Iceland I've found in the picture mess on my computer.

An autumn picture from Ravnkilde.

Maybe not a 1000. Here's 11 for a start: Iceland!

Finally my homepage is up again! Finally, finally! Very soon I will post new pictures. I have been in Iceland all summer and have at least 1000 (don't worry, I'll not post them all).

A picture from Langelinie.

I am sorry my page has been down for quite some time. Also I am sorry for not being updating it too often. I've been busy at my job and tired. Now I will use this opportunity to make a little commercial for Björk's upcoming almbum "Volta" on May 7th. Also I will send a thought to the Ungdomshuset, which has today been removed after many protests during the last week.

I have no idea what the program Photo Booth for Macintosh is made for, but damn it's good entertainment: foto1, foto2 and foto3.

Different walls: One and two.

This is from the roof of the building where I live.

Umm... Hope you have entered the new year as well as me. Since last blog I've finally moved to Copenhagen. There's not a very good connection, so I am sorry for not updating too often. I'll try to post a single picture: This is from the park-thingy (militaty-something) called Kastellet, where I sometimes go for a run.

Finally we got some temperatures that feel like winter. This picture it taken this very morning on my way from Rebild to Skørping.

Picture from today: Raindrops. The weather is so warm here even though it's supposed to be winter. Global warming?

I found a picture from my trip to Finland this summer (July). It is taken in Jyväskylä.

Soma FM has a terrific radio station called cliqhop idm. Nice electronical music. Speaking about electronical music, here's a cool guide to know the difference between the genres.

I was asked to throw a computer course for total beginners (first lesson: where to turn on the computer). Made a simple homepage for the occasion where you can read about how to copy'n'paste and other useful things. Unfortunately only in Danish.

Crooked trees; sky; wood, road, fields.

A few cool artists: Eivør's voice makes it shiver down my spine. Then I've discovered Munck//Johnson who is definitely worth checking out. Not to forget good old Björk.

My page is up again! Now with a brand new design. I decided to keep it simple. Look out for postings of pictures and other stuff and have a nice day.